Dresses are a woman’s first love when she thinks of going out for a casual day out, partying with friends, etc. It will instantly uplift your look and give you a break from the mundane styling pattern. The versatility of dresses makes them stylish, easy to wear, and always on-trend. Dresses of different types are in vogue, so why not give them a place in your wardrobe?

Here in this blog, we will tell you about different dresses that will be a perfect pick for various occasions. So, begin exploring them one-by-one.     


  • Shirt Dress: The shirt dress is an essential wardrobe staple that you must own. A shirt dress has a relaxed fit that makes it perfect for casual wear. There are many ways in which you can wear a Shirtdress. Wear a colorful camisole top underneath to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. You can also wear a belt on top to create a chic look. 


                                                                                  Shirt Dress


  • Bodycon Dress: Bodycon is a trendy dress style characterized by its figure-hugging and stretchable fabric. This dress looks seductive and is designed to accentuate a woman's curves most elegantly. We have the latest fancy women dress online available in our catalog.


                        Bodycon Dress     Bodycon Dress     


  • Sheath Dress: A sheath dress is a form-fitting outfit. Darts shape it. Darts are a V-shaped tuck used to help provide shape to the garment's fabric, thereby contouring the body. Darts are usually used over the bust area. Sheath dresses look best on women having hourglass figures. Its form- fitting silhouette highlights the proportions of your body. 


  • Wrap Dress: A wrap dress is the classy summer wear that is a must-have in your wardrobe. It looks feminine, flirty, flattering, and sophisticated, all at once. It combines the classic wrap style with trending colors, chic patterns, and prints. Wear it with pearl earrings and flat footwear like slippers or sandals.



  • Off-Shoulder Dress: Off-Shoulder dresses are quite a trend these days. They are usually in A- Shape or straight form. An off-shoulder dress can be worn either way i.e. flaunting your shoulders to show your collar bones or you can also pull the sleeves up, making it a flattering dress where the puffs give a nice balance if you have bottom-heavy form. Selecting a floral print will eliminate the need for heavy jewelry as the prints will be more than enough to give you a stylish look. However, you can wear a delicate bracelet or statement hair clip instead.





  • Ruffled Dress: Ruffled dress with well-placed ruffles will accentuate the upper part of your body. On the other hand, the high waistline and the short hem will let the curves of your lower half show off, too. It’s constructed in such a way that it will hug your body without spotlighting any imperfections.





Do not forget to grab accessories from our collection and have fun mixing and matching these outfits with our funky accessories to create a totally new look. Also, explore our ethnic wear where we offer you the trendiest Kurta for women Rajkumari at super exciting prices.

At Rajkumari, you will find fashion basics that will revive your wardrobe and you will never have that feeling that there’s something missing from your closet.

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