Regal Diwali Delight: 5 Days of Princess Dresses for the Festive Week

Planning a set of beautiful and unique dresses for the 5-day Diwali festival, from Dhanteras to Bhaidooj, can be an exciting and memorable experience. Here are some ideas from Rajkumari dress up like a princess during this festive season:
1. Dhanteras - Day 1:
  • Opt for an elegant silk saree in rich jewel tones like deep red, royal blue, or emerald green. You can accessorize with gold jewelry and a traditional maang tikka.
  • Consider wearing a traditional lehenga-choli in a complementing color with intricate embroidery or zari work.


                    saree                                       lehenga

2. Choti Diwali (Narak Chaturdashi) - Day 2:
  • Choose a beautiful Anarkali suit with a touch of sparkle or sequins. Vibrant colors like orange, pink, or gold can add to the festive charm.
  • Consider donning a floral-printed lehenga with a matching blouse and a lightweight, sheer dupatta for a fresh and traditional look.


                       Anarkali                                 Lehenga


3. Diwali - Day 3:
  • Opt for a grand, heavily embellished lehenga in classic colors like red or gold. This can be your showstopper outfit for the main Diwali celebration.
  • Don't forget to accessorize with statement jewelry, including a stunning choker and jhumka earrings.


                        Lehenga                                  saree


4. Govardhan Puja - Day 4:
  • Choose a regal anarkali gown with intricate embroidery or mirror work. Pastel shades like mint green or powder blue can make a charming choice.
  • Experiment with a contemporary twist by pairing a long jacket-style kurta with palazzo pants for a fusion look.


                  Anarkali                                 Anarkali          

5. Bhaidooj - Day 5:
  • Embrace a lighter and more comfortable look with a graceful chiffon or georgette saree in soft pastel shades like peach or lavender.
  • Pair it with delicate pearl or silver jewelry for a subtle and elegant appearance.


                       sharara                                Anarkali

Additional tips:
  • Make sure to have matching or contrasting accessories like bangles, clutches, and footwear for each outfit.
  • Experiment with hairstyles, like braids, buns, or loose waves, to complement each outfit's style.
  • Incorporate traditional Indian textiles like Banarasi silk, Chanderi, or Kanjeevaram in your attire for an authentic touch.
  • Pay attention to makeup and choose colors that complement your outfits. Bold red lips or shimmery eyeshadow can add to the festive look.
Remember, the key to dressing like a princess during Diwali is to embrace the rich and vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and traditional elements that reflect the spirit of the festival. Personalize your outfits and accessories to make each day of Diwali special and memorable.

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