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Post Covid-19 pandemic, one of the significant lifestyle changes has been the masks’ use when we step out. Whether we enter a grocery store, restaurant, or while driving face mask is a must. Though it has been made mandatory by the authorities, it is also for our safety that we should wear a mask when close to others. It is essential to keep in check the spread of the coronavirus. However, many people do not take this seriously. Once you step out of your haven, your home, you will notice people wearing masks in different ways. Some will have it dangling from one ear, others will have it pulled down below the nose, and for many, their mask is resting below the chin. These mistakes might seem small but have the potential to create havoc! Wearing a mask in such a fashion decreases its effectiveness and increases the risk of catching and spreading the disease.


Many young people and kids, in particular, find it annoying to wear conventional medical masks. To provide safety and style to such fashionistas market is flooded with different types of masks available in various designs and prints. As face masks quickly become a part of everyone’s daily routine, people choose to showcase their individual style through their face masks.


You will find all kinds of masks in our catalogue. Whether you’re searching for disposable masks or reusable masks, you will get it all here. Let us throw some light on these masks:

• Reusable face masks: These masks can be easily washed and worn again. You can wash them with soap and water and dry them in the sun. Our collection of reusable masks will not disappoint you. You can choose a designer mask for women in various prints. These masks are functional as well as fashionable, and you can wear them on repeat. Best suited for everyday use. The ideal masks in the category of reusable are the cotton face masks as they are comfortable, not harsh on your skin, and let you breathe easily. Keep pollutants at bay and, of course, protect you from COVID-19! You can choose different colors of cotton face masks for women; from prints to solid colors, we have it all.

• Disposable masks: As is clear from the name itself, disposable masks are for use and throw. These are for one-time use. Once you are done using such masks, you can discard them. These masks prevent you from carrying germs and pollutants with you. Plus, they are not cumbersome to handle as you need not wash them to reuse. Throw them away after using them once. You can buy disposable face mask for women here at Rajkumari.


You can buy women pollution masks online, to avoid a marathon to the nearby store. We have designer air pollution ladies mask online. Explore a wide range of air pollution masks online on our website that comes in varied colors and designs.

So, all you ladies out there, check out our exclusive collection of masks and grab some for yourself and your kids as well. Remain safe in this tough time of the global pandemic. Do not shy away from covering your face with a mask because women wearing mask look equally beautiful as without a mask on!

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