Kaftans have traveled a long way from being associated with the royal gaiety of Islamic traditions to the modern-day fashion show ramps. These are originally free-flowing, loose gowns reaching to the ankles. However, with changing times and constant innovations, these attires have evolved for the better, and now you will find many designs and prints of Kaftans. Currently, you will find markets flooded with many multicolored prints, ornate designs, and floral patterns of Kaftans. 

Designers have also experimented with the sleeves of this stylish outfit, and now you will find Kaftans in Bell sleeves, Kimono sleeves pattern, etc. 

Kaftans are such a flexible attire that women can wear them as: 

  • As a Beachwear: Kaftan dresses act as a perfect beach cover-up. Kaftans are breezy, flowy, and easy to carry. You can grab a multicolored kaftan to accentuate your look when on vacation. It will be the perfect beachwear if you aren’t comfortable wearing a swimsuit. Wear matching accessories with Kaftan dresses like statement earrings, neckpieces, etc. You can also go ahead with tribal or Bohemian jewelry because such exquisite jewelry pieces take your style quotient a notch higher. Not only this, but a full-sleeved Kaftan will protect your body from sunburn while you enjoy the waves on a beach. 

  • As a Pregnancy Dress: We all know that a lady prefers comfortable clothes during pregnancy. It is an important time in a woman's life when she needs to have utmost comfort due to health reasons. Kaftans are ideal Maternity wear for a lady as they will give her all the comfort in the world. She can wear full-length Kaftans or short Kaftan Kurtis with comfortable bottom wear. 

  • As a casual dress: Kaftan has become a famous casual outfit in recent times. Its popularity is increasing leaps and bounds. You can wear a short Kaftan style, Kurti, over jeans, jeggings, leggings, etc. Wear appropriate footwear to complete the look. You can also adorn funky jewelry that will enhance the overall look. However, please keep in mind that you do not go over the top with your jewelry as Kaftans already come with heavy embellishments and lots of prints and designs on it. And you, of course, do not want to ruin your look! You can also wear a Kaftan dress for women to a party and flaunt your style. 

  The elegant and simple silhouette of a Kaftan is an excellent choice for all. It works well for every occasion and purpose. An attire that will give you all the comfort in the world is what a Kaftan is. Grab stylish and trendy Kaftans from Rajkumari dress up like a princess, which is your one-stop shop for the best designer clothes for women

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