It is a well-known fact that their outfits portray a person’s ethnicity. It has been the case since time immemorial when the specific characteristics of an ethnic group were visible from their clothes. Moreover, people distinguished one region from the other through their food and clothes which have always been integral to different cultures and traditions, making every culture exclusive.

It is still prevalent, but with global boundaries blurring and blending different cultures and traditional values, contemporary clothing trends have fused to bring an amalgamation of fashion to the table. However, some trends still reflect an exclusive style, whether from a region or a tradition.

Today we will explore some fashion trends that integrate traditional styles into modern culture. So, please stick to the very end of this write-up as it will throw light on the trends that have set the fashion world on fire! So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  • Indo-western Wear: To begin with, we have Indo-Western wear that is categorized under fusion wear. The emergence of fusion wear has indeed revolutionized the fashion industry. The demand for contemporary styles and a hint of the traditional silhouette have given birth to Indo-western wear. Fusion wear gives the designers liberty to get creative, thereby breaking the boundaries and entering the world of designer outfits. At Rajkumari, our catalog is flooded with ethnic outfits that have a contemporary twist. To give you an example, look at the Drape Saree With Saree in our catalog which is the perfect party pick. Go ahead and check out the Navy Blue Stylish Skirt top set from our collection that will give you enough reasons to get ready and celebrate little things in life! Similarly, you can also grab a Multicolor Dhoti-style draped saree, which is a perfect outfit for festive occasions.


                                                                          Indo western dress


  • Mother-daughter combo sets:  ‘Like mother, like daughter;’ is a new fashion trend that is gaining popularity. Mother-daughter twinning in the same style has become quite common these days. Consequently, designers develop more such outfits in different styles, cuts, silhouettes, etc. These clothing clones are gaining popularity worldwide and are the top choice of young mothers as they love twinning with their little ones. You will find many women selecting this style at the birthday parties of their sweethearts, where the daughter looks super cute wearing the miniature version of her mother’s outfit. We have a plethora of Mother-Daughter Combo Sets in our collection that you can choose from. One of the mesmerizing sets is Multicolor Mother Daughter Set that you can select for your daughter’s birthday. 


                                                                           Mother Daughter Set


  • Co-Ord Sets:  Co-ord sets to make one feel more put together because of their coordinated form. They first gained popularity as lounging sets, but soon, matching clothing sets started appearing in the market both in Western and Ethnic sections of clothing. You will find markets flooded with Co-Ord separates that make for a perfect outfit for a party, casual outings, office wear, etc. When you adorn a Co-Ord set, you require little or no styling at all. Team it up with appropriate footwear, and you are good to go! A sober and sophisticated Co-Ord Set can hit all the right boxes in the checklist for you. 

                                                                    Co Ord Set



  • Ethnic wear:  Indian culture is diverse and famous worldwide. Fashion is an integral part of our culture, and people worldwide have accepted traditional Indian apparel. Consequently, its popularity is increasing with every passing year and doesn’t seem to go down any time soon. Ethnic clothes have intricate motifs and embroideries that have gained international fame. Also, Indian garments come with a contemporary twist and new styles. Our collection of the modern version of ethnic wear retains the elegance and comfort of traditional attires. At the same time, it adds a dash of contemporary verve to the clothes. Don’t believe us? Check out Wine Ruffled Skirt Top Set and Rose Gold Mermaid Skirt Top Set from our collection, and you will see how spectacularly we have blended tradition with a contemporary silhouette. 

                                                                            Ethnic wear


  • Theme party outfits:  Theme parties are all the rage these days. Who wants to be a part of a monotonous party when themed parties are the latest trend? The theme of a party sets the tone of the whole event, which will make it stand out. You can choose a creative theme to make better event planning decisions. Not only this, but your party will feel like a breath of fresh air both for the host and the guests. The big question is the clothing idea for a theme party because clothes will also reflect the theme. If you are getting ready for a theme party, your outfit should be in sync with the theme, and the attire you choose should also look stunning, isn’t it? Check out our collection of designer wear that will go well with any themed party. We give you an example here; choose our Handmade Flower Blouse and Skirt Set that will be a perfect theme party outfit if you arrange one on the beachside. Team it up with accessories that will complement the outfit, and you are party-ready! Similarly, we have several other dresses in our collection that will make for a perfect themed party outfit. 


                                                                            Party Outfit


  • Bohemian fashion:  Bohemian style is part of the Hippie culture that has made a special place in the fashion world. It has been a popular style in the West and many parts of India like Goa. When we talk about Beach Wear, Bohemian-style beach dresses are the first thing that comes to our mind. This style is gaining popularity day in and day out. It incorporates bright outfits having vibrant hues with free-flowing fabrics that include bold patterns and exotic prints. Its contemporary version is popular as the Boho style that uses handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. Bohemian style has a wide variety of cuts and designs and a huge variation in patterns, techniques of stitching, and materials used. One example of this style is the Kaftan pattern which is in huge demand these days. You will find attires exhibiting the traditional Kaftan style in all lengths; long dresses, short tops, etc. We have a beautiful collection of Kaftan dresses under our Exclusive wear. Our designers can also incorporate Customized exclusive designs per customer’s demand. You can avail of such services from Rajkumari Boutique.


  • Exotic Outfits:  Exotic outfits, as the name suggests, are Exotic dresses that are attires that nobody has ever worn. You can say that they are exclusive designer pieces that are limited- edition. In layman's language, these are the clothes that you have never seen before. A lot of elements together form a dress that is a part of exotic fashion. It can include completely new designs, vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and out-of-the-box prints and patterns that stand out and can be recognized from a distance. We will give you an example to better understand what we are saying; go to our catalog where we offer Exclusive designs by Rajkumari and look at the Wine designer draped saree, and you will understand the concept of Exotic outfits.


                                                                              Short dress


  • Biker Style Outfits:  In the world of Bikes and Instagram, you cannot just wear anything and show your rowdy side! It would help if you had a proper Biker dress code to get the best Instagram-suitable pictures. Shirts, hoodies, Jeans, and Jackets are stapled garments for the biker fashion style. They look glamorous, flashy, versatile, and chic. Complete the look with boots, and you are good to go! Biker style is popular among guys, but many girls are in awe of this style and make a fashion statement by adding the outfits mentioned above to their closets. You can find Jeans, stylish Jackets, and Blouses to team up within our collection that is versatile. We keep adding fresh garments to our collection every month so that you can revamp your wardrobe as many times as you want. 




  • Business casuals:  As a part of workwear, Business casuals are the perfect garments. You might be wondering what all dresses come under this category. This style typically includes Formal Shirts, Skirts, Blouses, Dresses, Blazers, etc., that you can wear to the office. Grab the latest business casual clothes only from our website. We will help you look stylish and appropriate without making you go bankrupt! Again, with office outfits, you need relevant accessories like handbags, jewelry, footwear, etc., that are suitable for everyday office wear. 


                                                                                            Satin shirt


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