Teenagers are fond of experimenting with new things, and the same is reflected in their dressing style. Teenage girls keep changing not just their outfits every day but also revamp their entire closets regularly.  We have a fresh collection of dresses and outfits that your teenage daughter can wear regularly. So, let us begin with what all we have to offer:

  • INDO-WESTERN OUTFITS: You can never go wrong with Indo-Western outfits. They are a perfect amalgamation of the Indian silhouette, and Western designs blend into one attire. We have a fantastic range of such fusion outfits that your young teenage lady would love to adorn. We understand the psyche of teenage girls; they pay huge attention to style and glamour. Hence, all our designs are fresh and latest. 



  • DRESSES TO DIE FOR: Do not forget to check out our dresses that our designers have developed explicitly for young teenage girls who love to flaunt such outfits during college parties, friend’s birthday bash, and evening parties. Dresses are a good option for all teenage girls as such outfits are entirely in sync with the current fashion trend. You will find all sorts of dresses in our collection; Midi Dress, Mini Dress, Skater Dresses, Floor-length Dresses, etc. We even have Indo western dresses for women in addition to Indo western dresses for teenage girls. So, we request you to check out our entire range of collection for dresses so that you do not miss out on any of the fabulous outfits that we have to offer. 



  • LEHENGA-CHOLI: If your teen-queen is keen on bringing her traditional side to the fore, our Lehenga-choli collection will help her in her endeavor. Our ethnic range is a perfect reflection of Indian culture and traditions. You will find lehengas not just in different colors and fabrics but price range as well. We have something for everyone, and since we know that teenagers usually rely on their pocket money, we give them the best stylish clothes without burdening their pockets! 



  • CO-ORD SETS: Another popular outfit that is highly popular among teenagers is Co-Ord sets that look gorgeous and elegant. We have a variety of Co-Ords in both ethnic and Wester styles that your teen Diva would love. Explore our collection and grab exquisite pieces today itself.



At Rajkumari dress up like a princess; we promise to give you the latest fashion trends at the most affordable price. It is your one-stop-shop for all your clothing needs, so you need not rush here and there to get the perfect attire for your teenage daughter.


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Tips & Suggestion

1. Be attentive about your measurements: Sizes vary from one brand to the other and as per the batches of the products in which they were made. So, take note of your bust, waist, hips, and inseam measurement, and then place your order. Check out the size guide on the website to ensure that you get the correct size of clothes.

2. Read the customer reviews: Go through the customer reviews as they give you a real perspective on the garment piece that you are considering for purchase. Browse through the comments on the size, fit, and quality of the material to better understand the garment. It is essential because the garment might look on point in the image but not in reality.

3. Check the material: You might find this tip a bit odd in the case of online shopping because the material is easy to access in a store, but checking the fabric online is impossible. However, you can go through the fabric's details, stretch, and feel mentioned in the product details section.

4.Read the return policy: The clothes you buy online might not work for you, and you have to return them. Thoroughly go through the return policy and make sure you send back any unwanted clothes in the given time.

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