One of the most versatile bottoms is a skirt that has been a woman’s first love not just for casual wear but for formal occasions also. This post is dedicated to skirts and their types and the occasions where you can flaunt one. 

So, without wasting any more time, let us begin telling you everything about skirts.

There is a Skirt for every occasion:

Here is a quick checklist of Skirts for different occasions:

  • Formal Wear:You can wear a skirt to the office and get the perfect professional look. Pencil skirts, High-waist skirts, etc., are all some of the ideal picks for workwear. They look formal and classy when paired with a shirt and belt. To create an offbeat look, pair it with a camisole and a blazer. Carry a sophisticated handbag and wear an elegant chain with a subtle pendant, and you are perfectly ready for the office.
  • Casual Wear: A skirt is appropriate casual wear that must find a place in your wardrobe. When teamed up with a camisole top or a crop top, a Flowy and flared skirt is everything you need to go on a casual day out with friends. Comfortable, unique, stylish are some of the many traits of a skirt that make it the perfect casual outfit. So, go ahead and experiment with your look every time you wear a skirt. 
  • Party Wear: If you are bored of wearing dresses while attending a party, think again. Go for a skirt this time to add to your partywear collection. Try vibrant colors, chic prints, and stylish silhouettes. Pair up your skirt with fancy tops to make a statement and turn a few heads around. To further look attractive, accessorize with dazzling earrings or a beautiful neckpiece. Also, please do not forget to put on your favorite footwear, preferably heels.

What all do we have with us?

  • Long Skirts: Long skirts are trendy and suit every body type. A Floor-length skirt paired with printed and colorful tops with a statement neckpiece is the safest & easiest option for your daily fashion. You can pick your favorite tee – solid, printed, graphic, etc. to team up with a long skirt. You can also layer it with a denim jacket or a Gujarati jacket embellished with mirrors to create a funky look. 





  • Pencil Skirts: A pencil skirt is a timeless garment. Everyone should own at least one pencil skirt, depending on their body shape. It is the best outfit if you plan to attend business meetings and even go out on casual dates. Team up with boots to get a sassy look! 


  • A-Shaped Skirt: A-line skirt has made a well-deserved comeback in the wardrobes of many. You can pick one in Denim and team up with a Tee and sneakers to get the stylish look. If you are bored of this sporty look, we will give you a slight change; wear your Denim A-Line skirt with a printed blouse for a casual weekend outing. You can also wear your A-Shaped skirt with a shirt tucked in for a neat look. Here is another piece of advice; choose a skirt with the appropriate length i.e. tall women must opt for a knee length skirt while petite women can go for a mid-length skirt.



  • High Waisted Skirt: One of the incredibly popular garments is a High waisted skirt. You can create an edgy look with a high-waisted skirt. You can wear one with a V-Neck blouse or a shirt tucked in. You can finish the look by adding an ankle-strap high heeled sandals and drop earrings Tadaa! Your cocktail party look is ready. We have a plethora of Skirts and Shorts for Women at Rajkumari that will revamp your wardrobe in the most stylish manner possible.



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So, start exploring now!

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Tips & Suggestion

1. Be attentive about your measurements: Sizes vary from one brand to the other and as per the batches of the products in which they were made. So, take note of your bust, waist, hips, and inseam measurement, and then place your order. Check out the size guide on the website to ensure that you get the correct size of clothes.

2. Read the customer reviews: Go through the customer reviews as they give you a real perspective on the garment piece that you are considering for purchase. Browse through the comments on the size, fit, and quality of the material to better understand the garment. It is essential because the garment might look on point in the image but not in reality.

3. Check the material: You might find this tip a bit odd in the case of online shopping because the material is easy to access in a store, but checking the fabric online is impossible. However, you can go through the fabric's details, stretch, and feel mentioned in the product details section.

4.Read the return policy: The clothes you buy online might not work for you, and you have to return them. Thoroughly go through the return policy and make sure you send back any unwanted clothes in the given time.

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